Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership (GMLIP)

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are a new form of multi-level governance designed to strengthen local capacity to attract newcomers and improve their integration outcomes as through enhanced economic, social, political, and civic participation.


Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs)

The long‑term vision for LIPs is to support the development of multi‑sectoral partnerships at the local community level in order to integrate newcomer needs into the community planning process, identify community‑specific strategic priorities and implement a settlement strategy and action plans to improve newcomer outcomes.

About Us

The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership consists of a council of immigration stakeholders, immigrants, business community and municipal government partners. The LIP will help implement the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy and will provide a better framework to understand the needs of newcomers, the gaps in service delivery and the process by which collaboration can lead to much better outcomes for newcomers.

The LIP initiative began operations in Ontario in 2008 as part of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Community Connections program. The program expanded to other provinces in 2012 and is expected to continue to grow. Currently, there are more than 60 LIPs across Canada, including five in Atlantic Canada.

The working groups meet once a month, in addition to the bi‑monthly session for the overall GMLIP.


- Akram Bensalah - New Brunswick
   Refugee Clinic
- Kate Doyle (Horizon
   Health Network)
- Mike Baganna - Association des Congolais
   du Gongo Kinshasa du NB
-  Gerry Morrisey (ACOA)
-  Vicki Martin(Province of NB)
-  Kathie Ouellette (Province of NB)
-  Caroline Gingles (Anglophone East
    School District)
-  Lucille Landry(Université de Moncton)
-  Angele Loisier (CAFi)
-  Luc Richard  (City of Dieppe)
-  Debbie McInnes (United Way of
    Southeastern NB)
-  Angelique Reddy‑Kalala (City of Moncton)
-  Tahlia Ferlatte (Town of Riverview)
-  Amira Khedri(District scolaire
    Francophone Sud)
-  Susy Campos (3+ Corporation BIMP)
-  Ron Gaudet (MAGMA)
-  John Wishart (Greater Moncton Chamber
    of Commerce)


Local Immigration Partnership, Coordinator:

Mohamed Yessaad

22 Church St., 4th Floor, Suite T-425
Moncton, NB E1C 4Z3


GMLIP Newcomers/Immigrant Success Stories Nomination Form

Espérance Cuma
Alfred Bessowa Ebolo

Espérance Cuma

“When I first arrived, there were not many immigrants to Moncton and only a few students from Africa who were studying at the University,” recalls Espérance. “Today I have met many families and do all I can to help them learn about the City and Canada.” 

Espérance Cuma



“Once I got to know the people of New Brunswick, I had no interest in leaving,” says Khaleel, who is now celebrating his sixth year in Moncton.  “People have been extremely warm and welcoming. Moncton is home to me now.”  



Alfred Bessowa Ebolo

“I am working in my field of study, and the people I work with are like family,” he says. “I have found that people in Moncton are willing to help when you need it.”

Alfred Bessowa Ebolo