Childcare & Afterschool Programs

The Greater Moncton Area offers a wide range of daycare facilities and afterschool care options.


In New Brunswick, there are two types of childcare services, licenced, which are services registered with the provincial government, and unlicensed, which are services not registered with the provincial government, these are often home daycares.

Children under five years old can go to daycare for the entire day. Once children are school-age, they can go to afterschool programs. Afterschool programs often pick up your children directly from school.

Some daycares and afterschool programs are better than others. They are also different prices. It is important to ask a lot of questions before choosing care for your children.

For more information contact the Department of Social Development in your community:

Department of Social Development

Assumption Place, 770 Main St.,
Moncton, NB E1C 1E7


Early Childhood Services Portal

Childcare centres are available in the Greater Moncton region for infants, pre-schoolers and school-aged children.The Early Childhood Services Portal is the one stop shop for all information regarding childcare in New Brunswick.

Parents and/or guardians can create an account and search for licensed childcare centres their area. Detailed information on the provincial subsidy programs and inspection reports are also available on the portal. 

Good For Family Life

Good For Family Life

“My children have done very well here. They have been educated here and speak both English and French. We have had a good life in Moncton.” 

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