Living Here

Greater Moncton is enhanced by the generous spirit of local residents and natural beauty of nearby attractions.


Do you need information about financial assistance, government programs, mental health support, employment support, childcare, housing, food, clothing and/or shelter? Find help at or call/email 2-1-1.


Immigration Support Services

The Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA) helps new immigrants and refugees to become settled in the community.


Centre d’accueil et d’accompagnement francophone des immigrants du SudEst du NouveauBrunswick (CAFi) helps francophone immigrants settle into the community.


The New Brunswick Refugee Clinic (NBRC) provides free bilingual legal services to refugee claimants and persons making humanitarian‑based immigration applications in NB and who cannot afford a private lawyer.


The New Brunswick Multicultural Council Inc (NBMC) is a bilingual, not-for-profit, umbrella, organization committed to supporting immigrant-serving agencies, and multicultural and ethno-cultural associations in the province. 


Ethno‑Cultural Associations

EthnoCultural Associations bring newcomers in touch with people from their
homeland or ethnic origins. Find here a list of many of the associations in Greater Moncton.


Important Telephone Numbers


Important Telephone Numbers
Ambulance, fire, police, poison centre:911 (open 24 hours)
Bus service & schedules (Codiac Transpo):506.857.2008
Police (non-emergency):506.857.2400
Power outages – NB Power:1.800.442.4424
(open 24 hours)
Service Canada 
(Federal Government Services):
Service New Brunswick 
(Provincial Government Services):
Tele-Care (health information and support):811 (open 24 hours)
211 or call 2-1-1

After You Arrive

There are a number of services you can use to make it easier to settle into your new home.

Impressed with open-heartedness

Impressed with open-heartedness

“Moncton has been my home since 2010. I arrived from Lebanon and was very impressed by the friendly community and how helpful and open-hearted the residents are.

It only took me one year to find the best fit job with the New Brunswick Health Council in the Government of New Brunswick and currently I enjoy being able to contribute to the province and to my new community.

My family is happy here and I always advocate for Moncton as a destination for immigration to many friends and family members back home.”

Reem Fayyad Abdel Samad