Greater Moncton offers lots of affordable living accommodations.


To rent a property, you will be asked to sign a lease, a legal agreement between the landlord (property owner) and the tenant (renter). The lease sets out the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant. When signing a lease, read it carefully, be sure to pay attention to such things as security deposits, moving in-and-out rules and safety standards.

The Residential Tenancies Tribunal will assist landlords and tenants with any issue surrounding residential tenancies. 

Most leases are for rent only and do not include any other costs, such as utilities. Be sure to use the support services at MAGMACAFi and https://monctoncares.ca/


Short term housing

Newcomers doing an exploratory visit or wishing to get to know the region and neighbourhoods before committing to a lease or mortgage have many options for short term housing:

Buying a Home

There are several steps required to buying a home in Canada. If you are not familiar with the process, familiarize yourself with it or it may be best to use a real estate agent.

Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts

Most charge by the night, some may have small kitchenettes that will allow you to stay at a weekly or monthly rate.


Heating & Electricity

In New Brunswick, properties are heated in many different ways: heating oil, natural gas, electricity and wood. As soon as fall arrives, you will need to start heating your home and the cost of heating your home varies between the four seasons, with the winter being the most costly. 

If your home or apartment uses electricity as a heat source, NB Power is the provider. You will need to contact them to set up your account: 1.800.663.6272.

Heating Oil:
If your home or apartment uses heating oil, you will need to contact a local heating oil company. Search online for providers.

Natural Gas:
If your home or apartment uses natural gas as a heat source, you will need to contact a local natural gas company. Search online for providers

Some homes use wood stoves to heat their homes. You will need to have a large supply of firewood for the season and must be very careful using this heat source and cannot leave it unattended. Search online to purchase dry firewood.

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